Current situation of amarok, and of latex tools

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Thu May 14 00:32:15 UTC 2009

Il giorno gio, 14/05/2009 alle 00.11 +0100, Dmitrijs Ledkovs ha scritto:
> Lack of Decent Latex Support?????!!!!!!!!
> I've switched to ubuntu because of it. I was sick of realising that
> I'm missing this or that latex package. in ubuntu I did default
> average (a little bit of extra math fonts) and everytime I'm offline I
> manage to compile anything my collegues give me.
> About editors have you tried AucTeX with Speedbar and code
> folding????? It rocks better than anything else.

I know the power of emacs and use it for many things (btw you should
also mention preview-latex when advocating it ;) and where did x-symbol
end?) but when I compile documents it seems a pain to go to the next
error and similar. I _know_ that I can learn it because I use it for
coding, but it's not your tipical user interface. Kile is very good in
covering the needs of ex-texnic-center users and has very comfortable
facilities (e.g. the completion for user-defined commands and for

> Xdvi true is the current way for dvi workflow..... just wait for a
> SyncTex and everyone will be off to Pdf.

Synctex changes the pagination of the document AFAIK, and apart from
that, my post is about... what to do while we wait! I have NO doubts
that both okular and evince will one day be perfect for texing. Evince
is for pdfs right now. Just it still can't reliably print a pdf (since
years). The patch is in gnome so it will hopefully be in karmic BTW.


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