hibernating progress bar

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Tue May 12 16:45:47 UTC 2009

solaris manzur wrote:

> nowadays we have a huge problem when we are going to hibernate and wake-up
> from hibernating: "we do not have a progress bar" so When we are going to
> hibernate we just see a black screen and that is it, my first time on
> going to hibernate, I thought: "Ohhh My God!!! Ubuntu has crashed",
> because I did not know what was happening...
> so I think we really need a hibernating progress bar, so we know what it
> is doing.. (the same for waking up process)

My first thought was that this might be very hard to do - after all the 
system is quiescing everything and swapping it out to disk, and you can't 
have anything mess with the memory image after it starts the hibernation 
process - but then I remembered that in the very earliest days of ACPI 
hibernate, there used to be text-mode progress indicators.  It used to tell 
us where in the hibernation process it was, and how many pages it had 
written to the swap file - plus a useful indication of why it failed to 
hibernate, in the (then frequent) cases where it didn't work.  Now, I fairly 
regularly hibernate when I leave work, only to find that the PC has been 
running in my backpack all the way home - and no diagnostics.

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