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Tue May 12 07:52:20 UTC 2009

On Sunday 10 May 2009 4:55:26 pm Jonas wrote:
> (section message is web)
> Hello.
> I have an ibook g4, the one that came quite before the day apple
> decided to use x86 processors.
> I have a reccurrent problem I think A BIG part of the alt release of
> ubuntu are concerned :
> flash will only work on x86

Is that true even of Swfdec and Gnash?  And actually, due to demand, Adobe has 
released a 64bit version of Flash that's only for Linux.

> Flash is a proprietary technology, cleary difficult to integrate in
> ubuntu, mainly because it is pretty far away from the GPL. (I guess
> its proprietary)
> Can you eventually please speak about this problem with your somebody
> at canonical? I think you should ask macromedia to make an

Adobe is the one to bug about it.

Mackenzie Morgan
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