Jonas ezjonas at gmail.com
Sun May 10 20:55:26 UTC 2009

(section message is web)

I have an ibook g4, the one that came quite before the day apple
decided to use x86 processors.
I have a reccurrent problem I think A BIG part of the alt release of
ubuntu are concerned :
flash will only work on x86

Flash is a proprietary technology, cleary difficult to integrate in
ubuntu, mainly because it is pretty far away from the GPL. (I guess
its proprietary)
Can you eventually please speak about this problem with your somebody
at canonical? I think you should ask macromedia to make an

There are so little chances Macromedia release the source code of
flash player, at least if we ask this to them, they could change their
mind... maybe make some contract with canonical to compile this binary
for powerpc architectures...

Don't you think ?

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