9.04, ext4 and the open-write-close-rename debacle

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at gmail.com
Wed May 6 16:28:19 UTC 2009

On MiƩrcoles 06 Mayo 2009 12:14:47 PM Patrick Goetz wrote:
> In his blog, Ted Ts'o comments that the 2.6.30 patch for this has been 
> backported by Canonical to 9.04 (I think somewhere in the comments to 
> this entry)
> http://thunk.org/tytso/blog/2009/03/12/delayed-allocation-and-the-zero-
> Can anyone confirm that if I start formatting file servers with 
> 9.04-based ext4 partitions users won't be faced with losing dozens of 
> recently saved files if the server happens to crash?

Are you looking for a guarantee that no data loss will happen with ext4?  It's 
still a new filesystem, and no filesystem is 100% safe to begin with...

If you're just looking for "yes that patch is applied so the common case is 
fixed" ...then yeah, you're relatively safe.

What I did on my laptop is I put / as ext4 for the fast boot and /home is 
still ext3 (1. didn't want to go through migration 2. it *is* a new filesystem 
after all...).  The user's data is just as safe or unsafe as before because 
user's data is still on ext3.  A bug *may* crop up that harms the system 
itself, but a reinstall is nothing compared to user-data-loss.

Mackenzie Morgan
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