[synaptic] changelogs

Wolfram Kresse ubuntu-devel-discuss at wkresse.de
Tue Mar 31 03:34:36 UTC 2009


Wow, the option to show/load the changelogs of a given packages is quite hidden. It is present only in the Main Menu under Packages, and I was already about to request showing the changelog as a new feature for synaptic...

In that case I will rephrase my request/suggestion:
- The option to load/show the changelog should also be present in the context menu (right-click). This should be a minor change.
- Or even better, put it as a separate tab in the "Properties" window. The changelog should be downloaded on-demand as soon as that tab is activated.
- As an advanced feature, an automatic latest-entry-changelog as done in the Update Manager could be included somewhere.

As a powerful low-level package management utility, the system administrator wants to be informed about latest changes, especially for possible upgrades. 


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