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Sun Mar 22 00:47:23 UTC 2009

Op vrijdag 20-03-2009 om 17:48 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Matthew
Paul Thomas:
> Yep. We're very pleased that there are OEMs selling computers with
> Ubuntu pre-installed, so that millions more people are using Free
> Software. And we're happy to accept feedback from those OEMs on
> problems
> their customers have with Ubuntu, even if some of that feedback is
> private. We're not going to make unrealistic demands that they do all
> their product development in public.

Studies that haven't seen any peer review aren't very convincing in both
the scientific community *and* the open source community though, and
there is a good reason for that.

Even if many "ordinary people" maybe won't be able to judge such a
study, I'm sure they will have more trust in a study that's available
for public scrutiny than in some "secret report" that impacts their
daily life.

Imagine the government would decide that internet should be forbidden
for common citizens, pointing to a secret report as proof, and cut off
all internet access, how would you react?  For all we know, their claim
might be as valid as this OEM usability study...

Conclusion: I hope Canonical does everything possible to explain
psychology 101 to their OEM partners.  :-P

Jan Claeys

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