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Vincenzo Ciancia wrote on 20/03/09 12:36:
> On 20/03/2009 Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>> That's a reasonable complaint, but not an easy one to address. OEMs
>> don't want to give their hardware competitors any ideas prematurely
> Come on! That's the opposite of the spirite of free software - or at
> least of open source.

That's not surprising, since the word "software" appears nowhere in the
text you quoted. ;-)

>                       Closed-source companies too, do not want to give
> their competitors any ideas,  be it prematurely or not, that's how
> they laugh in your face when you propose them open strategies.

Yep. We're very pleased that there are OEMs selling computers with
Ubuntu pre-installed, so that millions more people are using Free
Software. And we're happy to accept feedback from those OEMs on problems
their customers have with Ubuntu, even if some of that feedback is
private. We're not going to make unrealistic demands that they do all
their product development in public. We couldn't do that even if we
wanted to, precisely because Ubuntu is Free Software.

> If they publish their results, chances are that some expert will be
> able to referee their work and eventually publish a critic comment;
> and maybe that would outline some mistake in the studies and then
> convince everybody that a certain design is not such a good idea as it
> seemed from the OEM study.

That's true. An expert-run user test where the results were public would
be better than an expert-run user test where the results are
confidential. (If you have the resources to run public tests like that,
please get in touch.) But an expert-run user test where the data is
confidential is still much better than none at all.

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