notify-osd & specification: something is missing/changed?

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Wed Mar 18 21:14:13 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 18 March 2009 2:23:15 pm Nicolò Chieffo wrote:
> I've read the page which contains
> the notify-osd spec (tell me if I'm wrong) and I noticed that some
> parts of the spec are not present:
> 1) "The bubble should blur whatever is behind it with a Gaussian blur
> of 0.125 em." there is no blur with my intel X4500MHD
> 2) The Play/Pause notification is not shown (did you mess the
> PLAY_PAUSE_KEY and only hook to PLAY_KEY and PAUSE_KEY?)
> 3) there is no "New USB device" notification is not shown (do I miss a
> package?) (I've not tried with firewire)
> 4) the notification does not blur when I move the mouse cursor inside it
> 5) "If the pointer is over the area where a bubble is about to appear,
> it should appear as normal". this does not happen
> 6) If "the pointer is over a bubble, [...], the bubble’s duration
> should pause until the pointer leaves". this does not happen
> I've just written here to understand why these things are not present
> (yet? or possible bugs?) in the current notify-osd, and if they were
> eventually changed without updating the spec site.

I think it's just "in progress" so um...yes on the "yet"

Mackenzie Morgan
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