notify-osd & specification: something is missing/changed?

Nicolò Chieffo nicolo.chieffo at
Wed Mar 18 18:23:15 UTC 2009

I've read the page which contains
the notify-osd spec (tell me if I'm wrong) and I noticed that some
parts of the spec are not present:
1) "The bubble should blur whatever is behind it with a Gaussian blur
of 0.125 em." there is no blur with my intel X4500MHD
2) The Play/Pause notification is not shown (did you mess the
PLAY_PAUSE_KEY and only hook to PLAY_KEY and PAUSE_KEY?)
3) there is no "New USB device" notification is not shown (do I miss a
package?) (I've not tried with firewire)
4) the notification does not blur when I move the mouse cursor inside it
5) "If the pointer is over the area where a bubble is about to appear,
it should appear as normal". this does not happen
6) If "the pointer is over a bubble, [...], the bubble’s duration
should pause until the pointer leaves". this does not happen

I've just written here to understand why these things are not present
(yet? or possible bugs?) in the current notify-osd, and if they were
eventually changed without updating the spec site.


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