Replacing network-offline (old version 2xmonitor) with NM wlan 0% signal strength icon

Andrew Barbaccia andrew.barbaccia at
Wed Mar 18 13:32:36 UTC 2009

> your system can only use one default route

> [snip]

> dont waste panel space for confusing information and
> show the most relevant info the user needs to know about.

Have to agree with Oli here. N-M should handle the logic for switching
between different networks but in the tray, only one icon should be
displayed - the connection currently being used.

- Encrypted

- Non-encrypted

I personally think this more "advanced" information should be displayed when
clicking (or hovering - another debate i'm sure) on the N-M icon. My
reasoning being that additional states is confusing and a user knowledgeable
about wireless security should also know which networks they automatically
connect to.

> 4. VPNs
5. Bluetooth threading

The case of VPNs is interesting and I don't feel it fits into this
connection list since it's another layer on top of an already established
connection. In the case that you are VPNing over a wireless network, you
would like to see both the wireless signal strength and the VPN indicator.
Maybe a second icon on the tray should display once connected. Need feedback
here from those who use VPN more than I do.

Bluetooth threading? (tethering) is a case which I know little about and
others will have to help here as well.

>From my perspective I now sit with 4 network connections and 3 states:

1. Wired
2. Wireless
3. Mobile (3G / Edge)
4. Bluetooth Tethering

1. No connection
2. Connecting
3. Connected (Active)

Is there a page where we could put some of this icon/state info into so it's
a little more organized?

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