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Hello everybody,

Nicolas Valcárcel and I just had a quick discussion about regular
Packaging Training sessions. Based on the experience with the past MOTU
Q&A sessions and Ubuntu Developer Week and Ubuntu Open Week sessions,
we'd like to propose the following idea and invite developers who are
keen to train and help getting new developers started.

 - Have weekly one-hour sessions in #ubuntu-classroom that consist
   of a short demonstration and offer plenty of time to ask all kind
   of questions.
 - Have multilingual developers in
   #ubuntu-classroom-chat-{de,es,fr,it,..} that can answer questions
   for those newcomers that are not too familiar with the English
   language yet.
 - Rotate the time, eg. 1st week 6:00 UTC, 2nd week 12:00 UTC, 3rd
   week 18:00 UTC, 4th week 0:00 UTC.
 - Have a blog on planet that announces the next session (topic and
   if any preparation is required).
 - Make use of and
   expand it as we move on.
 - Ask participants to either add topic requests to a wiki page or
   mail one of the organisers.
 - Add your idea here.

What makes use believe that this might work out well:
 - succes of UDW and UOW sessions, particularly the multilingual ones
 - initiative spread on more shoulders
 - very short sessions, so no too big burden to prepare them
 - regularity

Please let Nicolas and me know if you'd be interested in participating
in the effort and please follow up with feedback if you have any.

Thanks in advance, have a great day,

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