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Subject: DHT functionality in Kubuntu default torrent client
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is there a reason DHT functionality is disabled by default in Ktorrent?
I have 
searched the Internet and didn't find any exploits or vulnerabilities
for this 

DHT speeds up torrent transfers when connection with the tracker is
iffy. It is 
also important because it allows bittorret to function without relying
so much 
on centralized trackers.

Furthermore DHT is enabled by default in Deluge and in Vuze (former

Best regards
Bart?omiej Gerlich


I used to use KTorrent but now use Deluge as it uses much less resource
usage. And because I also now use Gnome and Deluge integrates into Gnome
better than KDE based KTorrent. Anyway...

In reference to DHT being enabled by default, yes, it's a pain in the
neck and I could never understand also why it's not enabled by default.
But unlike you, I never really thought to make the issue public.
But with saying all this, upon install of KTorrent it really isn't hard
to tick the checkbox in the options.

And if it really does bother you, my suggestion would be to post on the
KTorrent forums. I'm a member there and when I've posted a question, the
KTorrent developer himself has replied well within 12 hours.


Chris Jones <chrisjones at comcen.com.au>

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