gparted, ubiquity and other packages left behind by karmic a2 installer

Nathan Dorfman na at
Sun Jun 28 01:17:03 UTC 2009

Update: just did a fresh install, using karmic-desktop-amd64.iso.

One more thing I just noticed is that after installation, it takes me
to the live desktop screen. Any idea why it does this? It takes a
little bit of time to load the desktop, just so I can reboot.
Shouldn't it offer to reboot after the installation finishes, instead?

Anyway, it hung instead of rebooting, as expected. After resetting and
booting into the new installation, /var/log/installer doesn't exist.
ubiquity, casper, gparted, etc. are installed according to apt.

So, I should enter the bug, as you suggested earlier, right?

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