Fallback plan if Empathy isn't ready for Karmic?

Asif Youssuff yoasif at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 16:05:01 UTC 2009

Yes, people should be filing bugs.

Or they might be like me -- I had a two hour long conversation with a
colleague, and *expected* that the conversation would be logged -- lo
and behold, only the last 15 minutes or so of the conversation ended
up being logged, and I lost a good deal of valuable conversation.

I wouldn't know where to start troubleshooting this bug, especially
since I don't really feel like copying and pasting lines of
conversation every few minutes to a text editor because I don't have
basic trust in the IM app. It's one thing to have usability flaws, or
have video not working, or etc. -- but to not have logging working
perfectly in an app that is supposed to be replacing a very mature
app? It's horrifying, but it's exactly something that Ubuntu seems to
have no problem with.

I for one, was testing Empathy, but it's clearly not even close to
ready for me, and I will be going back to Pidgin -- I just hope that
the other testers will not be equally frustrated, since that will end
up making the release even more half baked, since we'll all assume
that there are few problems - when in reality, problems aren't being
discovered because the app is so immature.

It's not as if the app has been in universe for a cycle, and is now
being promoted to main and chosen as default -- it was hard to get it
going in Jaunty, and it clearly doesn't have a whole lot of exposure
to the community.

Really though -- basic logging not working -- how many other weird
bugs are in there? :(


On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 11:29 AM, Jordan Mantha<laserjock at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Well, people should just be filing bugs. As the Desktop Team tracks
> the bugs that are coming in they can milestone them, push them
> upstream, and get a general overview of Empathy's suitability as
> default. I believe the spec calls for the final evaluation at Feature
> Freeze (August 27th). My guess would be that Empathy makes it. Being
> promoted to the default Ubuntu app would be quite motivating to
> developers I'd think and they want to make a good impression.

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