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Tue Jun 23 13:06:13 UTC 2009

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Sense Hofstede wrote on 22/06/09 15:26:
> Including more Mono applications would justify placing Mono on the
> LiveCD, but we should ask ourselves what's more important: supporting
> Mono applications on the LiveCD or offering proper localisation
> support on the LiveCD.

"Supporting Mono applications on the live CD" is not important.
Including F-Spot on the live CD is important.
Including Banshee on the live CD is also important.

If you want to propose a change to what's included on the CD, you need
to make that proposal precise. For example: "We should remove
application X and instead ship language packs Y and Z, because more
potential Ubuntu users are deterred by the lack of those language packs
than are attracted to it by the presence of X." Preferably backed up by
measurements of how much space the various packages take up, and how
many people are fluent in those languages but not in English.

The greater the scope of a change, the more difficult it would be to get
people to agree with it. For example, "We should replace Tomboy with
GNote, and replace F-Spot with Solang, and cancel our plan to replace
Rhythmbox with Banshee, and instead ship language packs A, B, C, D, and
E" is complicated and therefore less likely to be approved (even if
Solang was a mature application).

This is not special-casing Mono; a similar situation applies to
xulrunner, which takes up a chunk of space on the CD where WebKit could
theoretically perform the same roles.

> The problem that the boot menu seems to falsely promise full
> multi-language support is a critical one.

I agree, but you're most likely to help fix it if you change the way
you're going about it.

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