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2009/6/22 Sense Hofstede <sense at>

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>  > 2009/6/21 Sense Hofstede <sense at>:
> Hello,
> 1) Although I'm personally of the opinion that F-Spot indeed should be
> considered to be replaced, I don't suggest to do so with this
> suggestions. Maybe I should have made that more clear.
> I think F-Spot is pretty useless on the demo CD the LiveCD is in my
> eyes and that the space it takes can be better used.
> Kind regards,
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(Oops. Forgot to send to list)
Replace with.... what?

If I understand you correctly and you are suggesting that F-Spot should be
removed from the live CD but remain on the default install - then, how does
this work? Forgive me if this sounds really stupid, but wouldn't it still
have to remain on the live CD to be on the default install? If it's removed
from the live CD, then how does it get on a default install?

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