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Sense Hofstede sense at
Mon Jun 22 12:41:12 UTC 2009

2009/6/21 Dmitrijs Ledkovs <dmitrij.ledkov at>:
> 2009/6/21 Sense Hofstede <sense at>:
>> As far as I'm aware there has been no discussion whatsoever about
>> removing either F-Spot or Mono in Barcelona. There is also no
>> blueprint nor other discussion. This is the first time it's suggested,
>> if I'm correct.
> Ok fair enough (it's just with the recent discussions and planet posts
> I though I've missed something)
> If it is first time proposed could you please start a blueprint in
> launchpad and have CategorySpec page on it has some
> basic structure and description what the spec is about, what needs
> changing, why it needs changing, user case etc.
> I think we close to the FeatureFreeze and I think only already
> proposed blueprints are for consideration to be accepted for karmic
> [1]. I don't think it will make it into the Karmic but you should
> start this process such that it will be all recorded and documented.
> [1]
>> languages. This is also not what I had in mind. I think Ubuntu should
>> try to include as many interface translations as possible to fulfil
>> the promise the many languages you can choose from during the boot.
>> Currently a lot of those choices don't have a lot of effect on the
>> language of the interface.
> As far as I know (i might be wrong) translations after certain
> threshold go into LiveCD so not all of those translations are 100%
> complete. It's not an issue there isn't space for them it's the case
> they are not translated in the launchpad.
> So far original proposal is a few ideas torn out of context and are
> not that well defined - do you want to:
> 1) Replace F-spot with something else (Is F-spot bad? What are other
> alternatives? Why do you want to replace F-spot? What are usecases
> that fail now and would be fixed by your spec)
> 2) Remove Mono from LiveCD (Again why? What are the benefits? What are
> the Cons? How does this benefit Joe and Jane?)
> 3) Add More Languages to LiveCD (Which one is missing? What's it's
> translation status? Is there an active translation team? etc)
> 4) Free up space on LiveCD (What? Why? Note that LiveCD are literraly
> squished by the Developers so everything on it is for a reason and
> each release they squish a lot into it already. And everything has a
> price of choice.)
> So could you please give a little bit of thought to your original
> email and try to put down a well-defined well rounded goal in one
> sentence and a quick description in a small paragraph. This way a
> productive discussion can start and spec drafted later on. Other-wise
> this thread has very high chance of exploding in a flame-war because
> very little detail are given and it involves remotely a hot topic
> around mono.
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> With best regards
> Dmitrijs Ledkovs (for short Dima),
> Ледков Дмитрий Юрьевич
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1) Although I'm personally of the opinion that F-Spot indeed should be
considered to be replaced, I don't suggest to do so with this
suggestions. Maybe I should have made that more clear.
I think F-Spot is pretty useless on the demo CD the LiveCD is in my
eyes and that the space it takes can be better used.

2) I mentioned removing Mono from the LiveCD because when F-Spot is
gone, just one Mono application remains on the LiveCD: Tomboy. Tomboy
is something that's definitely worth including on the LiveCD. However,
this single program does require a whole language interpreter to be
included on the LiveCD. This is more something for the ongoing
discussion about replacing Tomboy with Gnote elsewhere on this list.

3) There are only translations to only a handful of languages on the
LiveCD. The other languages, complete or not, are listed in the boot
menu but will provide you with an English interface. If you selected a
language that isn't on the CD the installer tries to download it
during the installation procedure and if that doesn't work let a
pop-up ask you after the first boot to install the language then.
So installing a language isn't the problem, it's the fact that the
LiveCD still displays English when you selected a non-included (and
even completely translated) language on boot that bothers me. People
expect to see the interface in their language after they've selected
it, but only the installer turns out to be translated.

4) Freed-up space on the LiveCD could be used for including more
translations and thus disappointing less new users.

In one sentence: I think F-Spot should be removed from the LiveCD
because it's useless on the CD and takes up space that could be used
much better.

I'll wait with creating a Blueprint until there has been some
discussion in case I got something fairly obvious or essential wrong
and someone points it out.

Kind regards,
Sense Hofstede

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