gparted, ubiquity and other packages left behind by karmic a2 installer

Evan Dandrea evand at
Mon Jun 22 09:18:42 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 11:41 PM, Nathan Dorfman<na at> wrote:
> Just installed karmic alpha 2, and noticed that a few packages that
> should have been removed at install are left behind.
> These include gparted, ubiquity, casper and a couple of others.
> Ubiquity's package description even states: Installing this package on
> a normal system is unlikely to be useful.
> Has anyone else observed this?

No, I just tested this myself and was unable to reproduce the behavior
you experienced.  Are you sure the installation did not crash near the
end, and enough of the system was in place to allow you to boot?  You
would not have seen the "installation finished" dialog, if this were
the case.

If you are able to reproduce this issue, please file a bug against
ubiquity (, and
attach the log files following the procedure documented at , plus the
output of `dpkg --list | grep ubiquity` from the installed system.


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