Remove F-Spot from the LiveCD

Sense Hofstede sense at
Sun Jun 21 19:33:23 UTC 2009


We all know that it's as tight on the LiveCD as a metro during rush
hour. It's almost impossible to fit something else on it, most of the
times you'll have to sacrifice something for it.

Unfortunately localisation of the LiveCDs is something that can't be
supported because of a lack of space. It's one of the many things that
can't be put on the CD because of a lack of space.

Ubuntu would look a lot more professional if it would actually use the
language you selected on boot. Looking professional is essential.
In my eyes the LiveCD should show the best what we have to offer.
F-Spot isn't exactly the epitome of supreme look & feel and is useless
on the LiveCD since there are no photos to use it with.

Removing this application that is quite useless for a LiveCD would
give us back 10MB -- no dependencies included -- and pave the way for
removing Mono from the LiveCD altogether, saving a heck lot of space
that can be used for e.g. supporting more languages.

I suggest to seriously consider removing it.

Kind regards,
Sense Hofstede

PS: You might say that GIMP should be removed too because it would
also require images to work. I don't think that's a valid argument
since GIMP allows you to create work too, F-Spot doesn't.

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