Replace Tomboy with Gnote?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Sun Jun 21 18:40:48 UTC 2009

> They were in my Japanese class going "ooooh" at the linking between notes ;)
> Most of my computer science classmates don't know what LaTeX is / how to use
> it anyway (sad, yeah...).

Sorry, this is wildly OT, but you should show them Lyx. I am told "it
isn't real LaTeX" (even though their web site claims it is), but the
program is really elegant so it's a nice way to get introduced to it
all - especially with the source view pane.

There's something particularly nice about the way it just won't let
you have more than one space or more than one newline and corrects
such errors as you go. I'm a lazy typist (and I bet lots of CS
students are), so before I knew Lyx I would have excess spacing all
over the place. No longer! People who freak out over such things
should find it exceptionally useful.


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