Replace Tomboy with Gnote?

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Sun Jun 21 16:48:39 UTC 2009

On Sunday 21 June 2009 7:35:40 am Vincenzo Ciancia wrote:
> That's quite the point: a simple picture viewer such as gthumb shows you
> a directory at a time. It's good to see my vacation pictures. F-Spot is
> a photo collection manager, and I do not really know which of the two is
> most frequently used. 

If you're just viewing them, we've already got that.  It's called Eye of GNOME 
(or "eog"), and it's been in Ubuntu for a good long time.  

> Regarding taking notes with tomboy in class, I think most of your
> classmates also use latex (I do too, eh) but it's not in the default
> distribution. Everyone needing latex or tomboy can install it, but our
> average user probably does not use both. I may be proven wrong, we do
> not have any data to prove facts like these. We need a way perhaps.

They were in my Japanese class going "ooooh" at the linking between notes ;)  
Most of my computer science classmates don't know what LaTeX is / how to use 
it anyway (sad, yeah...).

Mackenzie Morgan
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