AMD/ATI vs NVIDIA vs Intel

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Sun Jun 21 11:39:03 UTC 2009

Il giorno dom, 21/06/2009 alle 03.26 -0400, Danny Piccirillo ha scritto:
> NVIDIA has linux drivers, but none of them are open (there is a
> project for that but nvidia doesn't offer open drivers themselves).
> Intel has open drivers, but we all hate Intel for one reason or
> another.  

Or just because they take profit of the fact that they are advertised as
_the_ free video card for linux, but they do not really work for fixing
their drivers timely. I have nvidia, ati and intel cards. The most
problematic and buggy are the intel drivers, and the most hateful thing
is that on windows, their drivers work. Do not make me link bugs here


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