Murphy prohibits Ubuntu 9.04 installation

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Thu Jun 18 00:37:42 UTC 2009

Olá Elmar e a todos.

On Saturday 13 June 2009 15:44:19 Elmar Krieger wrote:
>  I thought about filing a bug report, but at 
> I found a lengthy 
> explanation how to file bugs from within Ubuntu, which obviously doesn't 
> work without internet connection.

Although using apport/ubuntu-bug to file bugs is a much better way to do it, nothing is stopping you from simply visiting and file a new one with all the info you know.
If more is required, a triager or a dev will ask for it.

> I posted this feedback hoping that the people in charge of the various 
> problem sections stumble across and find it useful. You don't have to 
> waste time helping me out, I booted to one of the other 12 partitions 
> and will be back to try the next Ubuntu release ;-)

Well if you are eager to help make the next release in better shape for the next release why not get a karmic daily image ( and run it a few hours per week?
Join us on #ubuntu+1 at


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