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Alexander H Deriziotis deriziotis at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 19:39:45 UTC 2009

2009/6/16 Danny Piccirillo <danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com>

> Wait, I have a new proposal! Let's *not* include Empathy in Karmic, but
> plan on including it in Karmic +1 (and *announce* this)
> Why? Well, it will still give Empathy the attention it needs from
> developers to fix the bugs that would be considered regressions during the
> switch without actually replacing Pidgin before they're fixed. Aren't i
> brilliant?
> *On the other hand*, it might *still* be preferable to include Empathy in Karmic to have more of a guarantee that bugs will be fixed in time for the 10.04 LTS
> release. As someone commented on my last post<http://pinstack.blogspot.com/2009/06/replace-pidgin-with-empathy-in-karmic.html?showComment=1245133369575#c6152600795066756079>
> :
>> Empathy has been the top active project in Gnome for the last few weeks,
>> with about 100 commits a week on average. The pace of development is
>> astounding. Once the move to Empathy is the default, Ubuntu can start
>> depending on it for other applications' communication needs (using Tubes).
>> Gnome Games are getting Tubes support. Vino just got Tubes support, meaning
>> that you can share your desktop with your contacts in Empathy.
>> I understand why 8.04 didn't ship with Empathy, but the change needs to
>> happen. Empathy is 95% there. The needed changes can be made before Karmic
>> if Ubuntu (and Canonical) commits to it. If 9.10 ships with Empathy, all the
>> major bugs will be worked out by 10.04. Who wants to add yet ANOTHER new
>> technology to another LTS.
> So, what shall it be? Karmic 9.10, or Karmic +1 10.04 LTS<http://pinstack.blogspot.com/2009/06/empathy-in-ubuntu-karmic-910-or-karmic.html>
> ?

This would be a pretty bad move regarding Ubuntu's development model. With a
6-month release cycle, things *need* to remain cutting edge. If every
release is just going to be a rehash of a previous one, then Canonical
should be releasing at least yearly.

I'm sure you can tolerate installing Pidgin from the package manager until
Karmic+1 :)

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