Gnome is falling behind in Karmic--

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Mon Jun 15 04:35:44 UTC 2009

On 06/14/2009 09:11 PM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> 2009/6/15 Dean Loros <autocrosser1 at>:
>> Talking in the forums it has been noted that Gnome will be at 2.27-3 by
>> mid this week...Whilst we are still at 2.26---I was wondering if there
>> are problems with bringing the new stuff in?
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>> Dean Loros
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> Gnome follows major, odd/even releases. 2.27.3 will be 3 alpha
> milestone of a 27 UNSTABLE & EXPERIMENTAL release for developers. the
> 2.27 series will eventually (somewhere in september) will become a
> STABLE 2.28 release.
> Karmic will ship with 2.28. If you really want to run 2.27.X gnome you
> can run Karmic Alpha's (currently at alpha 2). This Karmic Alpha is
> not production ready release either. So expect a lot of brekage,
> regressions and instability. Afterall it has new kernel unstable
> Gnome and etc.
> We are not behind, we are using the latest stable 2.26 release of
> gnome in a stable release and playing around with experimental gnome
> in our development release.
Yes--I do know all of the above--Have been with Ubuntu from Warty & have
run the Garnome project many times several years ago--I am currently
using Karmic & was looking thru Synaptic--hence my question.

I have been testing software for over 10 years now---So I not afraid to
run unstable or testing apps....I was meerly curious---I see more 2.26
gnome that I do 2.27..........

Dean Loros
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