shameful censoring of mono opposition

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Fri Jun 12 15:01:42 UTC 2009

Il giorno ven, 12/06/2009 alle 12.05 +0100, Matthew Paul Thomas ha
> Depends what you mean by "we". You are welcome to create a derivative
> OS
> that has a different default.

Yes I could fork the project (this word is coming out too frequently in
my opinion recent bug reports and mailing list posts) but let's not lie
on the fact that reputation and popularity differences would leave the
non-default google search on the screen of most of the linux users. If
people like me prefers to aggregate around ubuntu instead of creating
our own fork is because it is better to join forces than to create a
dead project. 

The fact that I use "us" when speaking of ubuntu is because I tend to
consider myself part of this community by merely acting into it, if this
is not what you want you need to change your marketing about cooperation
with ubuntu :)

I think that in ordinary users (and my own) balance of priorities that
is a low priority issue. I changed the firefox home page for my mother
who would be a potential "victim" and that sufficed.

Still, it is not a Good Thing that the custom search is not advertised
as such. That's something microsoft would do. A phrase like "this is a
google custom search [link to longer explanation], using this has the
following advantages for ubuntu [link] and means that your search query
will go to the ubuntu server and return ubuntu-customised results" just
below the search field would make me happy. 

<acid>It would be even nicer if the search was in Italian for Italian
users like my mother who does not speak english, but that would be
asking too much I suppose.</acid>

> > People who can't tell the difference will keep using a "different"
> > google, but there is not even way to get some discussion around this
> >...
> That's incorrect: There was a discussion on this exact issue, led by
> Canonical's COO, at UDS Jaunty. There's probably even a video of it at
> <>.

When I asked, politely, on this mailing list, at least twice, more or
less nobody cared to reply, and there was no way to obtain anything else
than silence. I am glad that you discussed the topic at UDS, and it is a
pity that so often questions remain "in the air" on other channels.

Could you please provide a link to the outcome of that discussion? I am
really interested in knowing what happened and I am not finding it.
Clearly this did not lead to any change in Jaunty as I just saw by
restoring the default firefox page. Also, is it possible to know who
participated in such a discussion in general?

I didn't find anything related in the following three sites

Thank you


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