Massive sync and rebuild of packages? The case of OCaml

David MENTRE dmentre at
Fri Jun 12 14:12:23 UTC 2009


I'm following the status of OCaml packages on Ubuntu[1].

Currently in Karmic, OCaml is at release 3.11.0 and nearly all
packages (except 3) are correctly compiled for this release.

Unfortunately, OCaml 3.11.1 has just been released. It is a bug fix
release[3] but, due to OCaml specificities, *all* OCaml packages
(about 124 packages) should be recompiled against the new OCaml tool
chain, in several rounds[4].

Debian developers are doing such transition in two steps:
 1. upload of some modified source package (mainly the OCaml compiler
itself) and rebuild of them;
 2. massive rebuild of all other packages through a binNMU[2].

Thus my questions:
 * Is Ubuntu infrastructure is providing capabilities for doing such
massive rebuild of packages, in several rounds? Is it considered
correct behaviour or something to avoid?

 * Is it possible to import on demand a set of source packages that
would need a source upload?

 * The Debian Import Freeze is set to the 25th of June and the Partner
Upload Deadline is set to the 13th of August. So the window is quite
short. The transition should be initiated in Debian before migrating
into Ubuntu.  Do you think it is wise to make such a transition right
now or it would be better to wait until Karmic+1?

Sincerely yours,


[2] binNMU request like this:



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