shameful censoring of mono opposition

Patrick H. patrick.harzheim at
Fri Jun 12 05:03:56 UTC 2009

Like any other descriptive characters, any name can be penned.

At any rate, mono is useful, there's a few cases I've come across were
mono just did the trick.

Of course as a technology itself, there are pros and cons. I can
advocate for and against mono. About the opportunities that it brings
as much as other thing that might be hindered. Like any thing else.

Just needed to be clear, since 'omg' posted right after my last post.
I'm not on either end of this debate.

Recommending, this list to an arbitration is probably uncalled for.
You need to know how to put out a fire. Don't go call a fire man after
pitching gasoline on the thing!

Now, if you really want to bash things, try to discredit opponents
with facts, or find out the facts yourselves. Suffice it to say, there
are always sociological relapses when something  new comes about. Of
course people will express their feelings, even if they are offensive.
In the end try not to play with fire.

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