shameful censoring of mono opposition

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Thu Jun 11 23:38:39 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 7:26 PM, David Schlesinger
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> > PS David, I'm relieved you have such a cool boss and I hope you can enjoy
> > the rest of your sabbatical.
> Thanks, whoever-the-heck-you-are, I've been having an excellent time and the childishness we've seen here from the likes of Mark Fink and Paige Thompson haven't impacted my enjoyment of it in the slightest. I'm also happy that I have a smart boss who isn't dismayed by the obvious shenanigans of a bunch of infants who put their own interests far above the _real lives_ of other people.

It is still too bad you got dragged into it on vacation, a time in
which you should be out enjoying life and being "stress free".

> However, one of the things which _does_ disturb me a bit--although I suppose I can understand it--is that some people feel the necessity to hide their identities as a result of the kind of grossly abusive attempts at intimidation that Mark and Paige feel is an appropriate response to rational disagreement with their positions.

At this point I'm feeling that I'd rather not risk having libel spread
about me like I've seen spread about other people by places like
Boycott Novell (Jo Shields, some Wikipedia guy, and Miguel de Icaza
for instance). While it's probably unlikely that I'd ever be such a
high-profile target as some of them, I'd rather not have to explain it
to potential future employers (nor my current). Nor do I want what
happened to you to happen to me, I'm not so sure my boss would take it
so well.

> I'm not ashamed of my opinions: they're mine, and I'm entitled to them. As I said, I'm fairly well-known for being outspoken (but hopefully not irrational), and I don't hide behind a "nym" out of fear of children whose parents overindulged them. It's terrible that some folks feel the necessity to do so.

I agree.

> That's the thing that I've found really _shameful_ on this thread. And if trying to make trouble for someone on their job as a result of an opinion they've expressed doesn't qualify as "censorship", I'm not sure what does.
> Mark and Paige have either never learned, or have managed to ignore, Nietzsche's advice that "he who battles monsters should be careful that he does not become a monster himself in the process". I'm pleased that other folks on this list show much better sense.

That's a good quote!

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