GRUB 2 now default for new installations

Derek Broughton derek at
Thu Jun 11 12:50:45 UTC 2009

Felipe Figueiredo wrote:

> John,
> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 4:21 PM, John Moser<john.r.moser at> wrote:
>> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 1:40 PM, Luke L<lukehasnoname at> wrote:
>>> How many of these things are actually going to make it into Karmic? A
>>> dynamically sized swap file? GRUB 2 residing on its own partition,
>>> etc? These things sound good.
>> GRUB2 on its own partition is silly.  Like having a separate /boot.
>> What problem are you trying to solve?
> To name one problem, people who use LVM can't use GRUB because it
> doesn't support LVM block devices.

Only partly true.  I've used LVM for years but kept / off the LVM.  One 
reason for a separate boot partition was to enable the root filesystem also 
to be on LVM.
>>> Also, would a dedicated GRUB2 parition be able to exist on LVM/raid?
>>> Just curious.
>> Who cares?
> LVM is good enough to benefit even home users. I know there's at least
> one spec considering LVM by default, so people must care about it.

Sure people care about LVM - but whether you can put a Grub2 partition on it 
seems immaterial.

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