Jaunty 64-bit and NVIDIA -- Any ideas?

Davyd McColl davydm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 05:45:15 UTC 2009

Thanks (:

Now I just need to get my keys for Doom3, Doom3 ROE and Quake4 to
work. Since the reload, the clients claim that the keys are "in use".
Emailing Activision hasn't yielded anything in about 5 days. Which
brings to light some of the reasons I like FOSS software:

1) No stupid serial keys, activation processes or registrations. Just software.
2) The FOSS community is normally quicker to respond than companies
which are actually *paid* for their products. My theory is that it has
something to do with passion and a love for what they do (or a lack

I'm also still going to get a friend to test that card in another
machine. Perhaps the troubleshooting will continue for him ^_^.

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 3:02 AM, Dane Mutters<dmutters at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-06-10 at 08:01 +0200, Davyd McColl wrote:
>> Good day
>> Thanks for your response. Suspecting that there could be a problem
>> with the card itself (rather inconveniently coincidental, since I just
>> bought a new mobo, psu and ram after a power surge (as far as I can
>> ascertain) killed my PSU and I wasn't sure exactly what was dead, and
>> just wanted to cover my bases; also, as noted in the OP, I reloaded,
>> going from 32bit Jaunty to 64bit -- that seemed like the most likely
>> culprit since 2D was working fine and 3D worked for a while), I bought
>> an XFX GTX260 -- I've wanted to upgrade for the last year or so
>> anyways... No problems now. (:
>> I still find it odd that 2D worked flawlessly and 3D worked for a
>> short amount of time -- about 5 seconds for glxgears and anywhere from
>> 5 minutes to a few hours for GL screensavers... But perhaps there was
>> a circuit in the "3D parts" (I'm no electronic engineer!) which was
>> damaged and just needed to warm up a little through usage to become
>> blatantly broken.
>> I'm going to give the card to someone else to test -- will report
>> back. If the card works fine for someone else, then I really don't
>> know how how to proceed with debugging this. I would have to assume
>> that if the card isn't faulty elsewhere, then someone else may
>> encounter the same issue.
>> I'm still annoyed by the "nvidia flicker" on my laptop -- but
>> apparently that's a long-standing issue (allegedly the quick black
>> flicker is from the onboard gpu changing power usage / clock levels).
>> To answer all posed questions (because it would be rude not to (:  ).
>> Some answers are from memory, so please bear with me:
>> 1) glxinfo showed the usual large amount of stuff -- with the gl
>> extensions supplied by NVIDIA
>> 2) Yes, the NVIDIA closed driver was not only installed, but in use --
>> lsmod confirmed this (I also started to wonder...)
>> 3) I did have compiz-fusion enabled. Never had the problem before, but
>> I do believe I tried disabling compiz and still found simple apps like
>> glxgears to cause lockup. See the wierdness? Compiz-fusion worked fine
>> (with all its GL interaction), but something with a little more demand
>> wreaked havoc)
>> 4) Yes, totally up-to-date. Compulsively so (:
>> -d
> Bummer about not getting to troubleshoot it further, but I'm glad you
> got it worked out!  (Happy gaming!)  :-)

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