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David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at
Tue Jun 9 18:55:54 UTC 2009

> When someone starts emailing people's
> bosses about them, things have gone a bit too far.

That's what I would have thought. I suspect that Paige, at least, doesn't have much sense of the meaning of either "code" or "conduct". Of course, my manager knows better than to take that sort of obvious childishness with any seriousness at all, but it's still definitely over-the-top behavior, and strongly suggests that at least some "contributers" are more interested in flame wars and in attempting to enact their petty revenge fantasies than in free software.

Maybe Mark and Paige and similarly inclined folks should take themselves, their conspiracy theories, and their attempts to stir up employment trouble for people over email (or projects) which they don't happen to enjoy, over to Encyclopedia Dramatica instead. That seems a more appropriate venue for their "contributions".

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