shameful censoring of mono opposition

David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at
Mon Jun 8 21:22:29 UTC 2009

> Someone from Access chimed in on this one, glad he's getting paid to dick
> around like this.

Er, _what_? I'm afraid I'm unable to work out the relevance of this comment to that message.

Not to put too fine a point on it, I'm actually still on sabbatical this week, so to be technical, I'm getting paid to _relax_. Watching my inbox filling up with the same nonsensical "Mono is a Microsoft plot to take over Linux, and Miguel and the gang are actually undercover shills for Steve Ballmer" flamewar, instigated yet _again_ on this list by Mark Fink, is harshing my mellow...

Personally, I think you have to bend over backwards to suggest that Miguel (and the rest of the folks) have not contributed _immeasurably_ over the years to free software.

As for Mono apps, as a photographer, I like F-Stop and I use it. Nautilus might work for some folks, but with literally hundred and thousands of photos to sort through, that won't work for me. If someone wants to come up with a credible non-Mono replacement for that, and _then_ argue that F-Stop should be removed, fine. But please don't tell me, in effect, that I should use LaTex instead of Open Office to do all my documents because a) OO can save things in MS Word format, and that's evil, or patented, or something, and b) that LaTex works fine for _you_...

The solution I see here is that Mark Fink and Remco and others who feel similarly find some other distribution more to their tastes than Ubuntu. And if Mark Shuttleworth wants or doesn't want something in Ubuntu, he's more than capable of saying so, he doesn't need folks attempting to channel him here...
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