shameful censoring of mono opposition

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Mon Jun 8 21:26:17 UTC 2009

well _sir_, I just cant help _but_ notice _that_ you are all_acting
douchebags--_and_ I thought _I_ might _make_ that obser_vation_.

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 2:22 PM, David Schlesinger <
David.Schlesinger at> wrote:

>  > Someone from Access chimed in on this one, glad he's getting paid to
> dick
> > around like this.
> Er, _what_? I'm afraid I'm unable to work out the relevance of this comment
> to that message.
> Not to put too fine a point on it, I'm actually still on sabbatical this
> week, so to be technical, I'm getting paid to _relax_. Watching my inbox
> filling up with the same nonsensical "Mono is a Microsoft plot to take over
> Linux, and Miguel and the gang are actually undercover shills for Steve
> Ballmer" flamewar, instigated yet _again_ on this list by Mark Fink, is
> harshing my mellow...
> Personally, I think you have to bend over backwards to suggest that Miguel
> (and the rest of the folks) have not contributed _immeasurably_ over the
> years to free software.
> As for Mono apps, as a photographer, I like F-Stop and I use it. Nautilus
> might work for some folks, but with literally hundred and thousands of
> photos to sort through, that won't work for me. If someone wants to come up
> with a credible non-Mono replacement for that, and _then_ argue that F-Stop
> should be removed, fine. But please don't tell me, in effect, that I should
> use LaTex instead of Open Office to do all my documents because a) OO can
> save things in MS Word format, and that's evil, or patented, or something,
> and b) that LaTex works fine for _you_...
> The solution I see here is that Mark Fink and Remco and others who feel
> similarly find some other distribution more to their tastes than Ubuntu. And
> if Mark Shuttleworth wants or doesn't want something in Ubuntu, he's more
> than capable of saying so, he doesn't need folks attempting to channel him
> here...

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