devel-dicuss: the list itself, and mono

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Tue Jun 9 15:33:36 UTC 2009

Given that my signal to noise ratio is already at a white noise breaking 
point (and that I'm probably not alone here), can we please keep these 
kinds of tit-for-tat arguments, rhetoric, ad hominem attacks, and 
flirting off the devel-discuss list?  Surely facebook, twitter, digg, 
etc. should provide adequate bandwidth to meet these needs.  Thanks in 
advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Re: the shame of mono:  if you really want to defeat the Evil Empire, 
then stop wasting everyone's time posting about how terrible it is and 
get busy designing and/or working on an open source framework that can 
get the job done as well or better.  That's how things work around here, 
as should be clear from a decade or so of linux development.

> Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 00:31:36 -0700
> From: Paige Thompson <erratic at>
> Subject: Re: shameful censoring of mono opposition
> To: David Schlesinger <David.Schlesinger at>
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> You're welcome David, anytime you want to set yourself up for that go for
> it. I can't promise I'll be here to hand your ass to you after you've so
> carelessly lost track of it, unfortunately.
> On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 10:36 PM, David Schlesinger <
> David.Schlesinger at> wrote:
>> I want to thank Paige for taking advantage of my "out of the office"
>> advisory to share her generally childish behavior with my manager, off-list.
>> We had a good laugh over that one, thanks. No jobs available for you right
>> now, Paige, sorry, but feel free to send a resume when you get to be eleven
>> or so, hm?

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