shameful censoring of mono opposition

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Jun 8 17:57:43 UTC 2009

Nicolò Chieffo wrote:

> This is clearly a "not invented here" syndrome. please read wikipedia
> I'm a software engineer, I personally tried both java and .net (I
> don't like python very much because it's easy to get things out of
> control)
> I don't care where a technology is created, but what are the advantages
> I prefer .net because it has more language expressiveness than java
> (there are more constructs which can be used), and it runs faster (for
> instance in linux eclipse is really 10x slower than windows),

It might be slower.  10x?  No way...

> I'm waiting for a new version of java with all the .net features and
> speed. In this case I would replace mono

LOL.  I've been waiting for a Java like that for almost 15 years.  It keeps 
getting _bigger_ not faster.

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