shameful censoring of mono opposition

Christopher Olah at
Mon Jun 8 00:44:07 UTC 2009

> there is proof posted in both articles

There are specific events pointed to. I don't think your realize the
severity of the accusations you're making (or supporting...). You are
accusing members of the FOSS community of deliberately censoring and
suppressing people. You are asking for people to be fired. There must
be a high burden of evidence for that sort of thing.

Specific examples are not strong enough. For example,

> Now, watch this from Brainstorm. People make the suggestion that Mono should not be included by default and the page gets frozen with the following reason:

>>    This entry was marked as not being an idea the 3 June 09. If this is a bug report, please use the Ubuntu bug tracker.

> How is this not an idea? Sounds like an excuse to silence ‘dissent’.

> One of our readers (unrelated to the above) told us this yesterday:

>>    Hi Roy, the other day I noticed you linked to my brainstorm thread about keeping RB and not moving to Banshee, I mostly did it because I like RB and Banshee, besides of bringing a Mono dependency, is not really as good.

>>    The thread, out of sudden was declared a ‘duplicate’, what’s worse is that the votes were not just locked (like what happens in brainstorm when something is marked as duplicate) but completely removed:

>>    It used to have many votes for ‘Keep Rhythmbox” and many negative votes for “Move to Banshee” , it seems that the Mono zealots have acquired too much control of ubuntu brainstorm this is a disgrace.


These sort of things are honestly not that uncommon on Ubuntu
Brainstorm, in my limited experience. It (seems to me that it) is the
result of too many posting ideas that are often not enough people to
administer it. Thus, it is easy for accidents to occur. This isn't
necessarily censorship.

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