Ubuntu Desktop Unit Consistency (LP: #369525)

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Wed Jun 3 14:57:58 UTC 2009

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Christopher Chan wrote:
>> You've completely missed what the whole thread is about. The age old and
>> faulty convention is base2 for space and file sizes. That is what the
>> Ubuntu team wants to get rid of. But thanks for supporting my 'argument'
>> anyway. :-P
> I can't quite understand how _you_ have missed that this thread is actually 
> about your refusal to concede that only dinosaur geeks want to keep KB and 
> MB to show powers of 2.  You're 100% right that the base2 convention is 
> faulty - and have utterly failed to show any reason why we shouldn't correct 
> the fault.  It's _not_ however true that it was ever universally used - and 
> that's why its faulty.

As far as kilobytes/megabytes/whateverbytes in the COMPUTING WORLD, it 
was and still is universally used as multiples of 1024. Oh, and it is 
not MY refusal. You have people on the GNOME team. You have fellows such 
as Dmitrijs wondering what all the hoo haa is all about. You have ENTIRE 
communities of Linux users who have never even heard of kibi/mebi/gibi 
let alone the IEC.

Talk all you like about dinosaur geeks because we are making new ones as 
we argue on this. I really wonder what the latest dinosaur book teaches. 
Is it SI kilobytes or dinosaur kilobytes.

Did I say we should not correct the fault? Derek, you just have to find 
straws to clutch to when you want to argue with me. So if I said we 
should not correct the fault, what interpretation of my calls for proper 
SI kilo/mega/giga/etc and the froggy kibi/mebi/gibi/etc to be put into a 
relevant operating system standard such as POSIX do you have?

You guys want to go ahead? Be my guest. Be the oddball out having to 
explain that Solaris, the BSDs, Mac OS X and Windows are using the wrong 
KB/MB/GB definition. Or get everybody together, make a large 
annoucement, hold a big party and then hand out sledge hammers for 
crushing dinosaurs.

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