On apturls and repositories

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Tue Jun 2 13:32:35 UTC 2009

Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

> I quite agree that adding adding PPA should be easy.
> In my opinion is should envolve clicks and it should not envolve deb
> packages. Currently for my PPA which has quite a few users I did
> create deb package which installs list file and keys.
> Here is what I want as a PPA publisher:
> 1) One click links to list file per distro (Click on it, open it up
> without saving, enter sudo password and that ppa is added)
> 2) One click on the PGP key link (Click on it, choose to import into
> APT-key instead of your default keyring, enter sudo password, key
> added)

I would add - keyserver.ubuntu.com should handle HTTP lookups!  I finally 
realized why I have so much trouble updating apt from work: because the 
firewall blocks hkp.
> 3) AptUrl should be highlighted on the PPA whiteboard (Such that I can
> click on it to refresh repositories and install this or that hot
> package that attracted me to this ppa in the first place).
> Finally got this bit off my chest. What do you think?


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