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Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Mon Jun 1 03:03:11 UTC 2009

On Sunday 31 May 2009 5:11:23 pm Przemysław Kulczycki wrote:
> Ubuntu needs a data gathering tool for user support and bug reporting.
> Currently when filing bug reports users have to manually run lots of 
> commands (dmesg, lspci, lsusb, lsmod, alsa-something...) for 
> troubleshooting their issues.

This is why for the last few months we've been encouraging users that the 
"right way" to file a bug is using the "ubuntu-bug <package>" command.  It 
attaches most of the information needed to troubleshoot bugs in whatever 
package you tell it.  There's also "apport-collect <bug number>" which will 
gather information needed to debug whatever package that bug is reported 

Coming soon for Karmic: we've been talking about extensions for symptom-based 
bug-reporting, so instead of "ubuntu-bug alsa-base" you could do "ubuntu-bug 
sound" and maybe even have it eventually be able to go through some 
troubleshooting steps with the user to make sure the bug is reported against 
the right package (so in this case, it'd figure out if the problem was your 
audio driver, alsa plugins, PulseAudio, Flash, Skype, or whatever).

Mackenzie Morgan
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