We need your help to port Ubuntu to Loongson

LIU Qi liuqi82 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 06:37:13 UTC 2009

 > Dear Loongson development team,
 > Ubuntu is the most widely-adopted and user-friendly Debian-based Linux
 > desktop distribution and it has very good Chinese localization
 > support.  By porting Ubuntu to Loongson, we can significantly increase
 > Linux adoption in China and the Loongson adoption in the world.
Thanks for your attention and work for porting mips to Ubuntu. I am lIU
Qi from the Loongson development team. I will try my best to help this

 > Debian already has MIPS64/Loongson support and Ubuntu source are
 > ported from Debian, so apart from building the toolchain, it should be
 > theoretically feasible to port Ubuntu to Loongson.
 > However we need your help to provide access to machines (for both
 > compile farm and testing) and involvement from your group to port
 > Ubuntu to Loongson.
No problem. We will do everything we can to help this out. First I will
set up a compile farm which contains about 15 Loongson-2f machines.

 > We warmly welcome your group to join the Ubuntu Loongson / MIPS64 Team at:
 > https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-loongson
 > However the first step is to get the Ubuntu toolchain to compile
 > MIPS/MPIS64 packages out-of-the box.  For this part, you should join
 > the Ubuntu Toolchain team:
 > https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain
I have request to join these two teams. I think we should discuss more
details to what should we do next.

Best regards,


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