The google custom search - perhaps it went there by itself?

Oli Warner oli at
Sun Jul 26 01:53:51 UTC 2009

Yes, the search is poorly done. It looks bad. It's a simple tool on Google
available to anybody to make a branded search engine and make money from it.

What is trying to be done though, isn't unprecedented. The simplest and most
relevant example to pull off the top of my head is Mozilla having a
long-running deal with Google[1] whereby they receive $millions for people
using Firefox's search area to use Google.

If I could search Google without it looking like a sty (much like the
Firefox-Google deal permits), I'd be more than happy for Canonical to make a
few quid from me using Ubuntu. If anything this is what Canonical
*should*be doing to make their cash. Transparently implemented,
non-binding service
agreements that the user can opt out of without any trouble.

Canonical should talk directly to Google and come up with some
arrangement... But Mozilla may kick up a fuss as could lose out.

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