Rant and Re: Ubuntu-devel-discuss Digest, Vol 32, Issue 31

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Fri Jul 24 21:47:38 UTC 2009

Op vrijdag 24-07-2009 om 12:33 uur [tijdzone -0700], schreef C.J.
> On Fri, 2009-07-24 at 04:00 +0200, Jan Claeys wrote:
> > Last time I checked, Thunderbird didn't support that very well--while
> > that bloody incomplete non-working one that comes with Ubuntu by default
> > does.   ;-)
> What, Evolution?  Would you mind filing some bugs when you run into
> problems (if you haven't stopped using it)?

I'm using Evolution (as you could have seen in the e-mail headers of
course), but what I said is that _Thunderbird_ didn't work well with
MIME digests last time I checked.  It was Anthony who described
Evolution as:

        "I know that the OS Install comes with a mail client.  But what
        if your user wants a working one instead of some RTFM incomplete
        or non-working pre-installed application?"

... and I was just referring to that trying to be humorous.

BTW: if there is anything that annoys me in Evolution, then it's how
threading & ordering & thread-related filtering works (or doesn't work)
in it, but you're right that I should write a detailed report about that
& file a bug if I want to get that fixed...  :)

> > > If you are tired of RTFM keep in mind that in my
> > > knowledge (from '04) not a single person involved in Debian gets paid
> > > for his work on the distro, 
> Well, some folks use Debian in their work, and would not have a job
> unless Debian worked smoothly... so, although they're not being paid
> *directly*, one could argue that they are in fact Debian shills.

Well, Microsoft employees won't have a job if MS Windows didn't work
"good enough" either, so what's the difference (except for the business
model & structure)?  Actually, Microsoft pays employees to make sure
some third-party applications keep working well on new Windows-versions.
Because they benefit from it...

> > That's not true: some of them can work on Debian during their working
> > hours, so they get paid to work on Debian.
> I don't think they are being pad to *work on Debian* so much as being
> paid while they work on Debian ;)

Intel pays some Xorg & kernel devs (and not only to develop the intel
drivers), Google pays some of their devs to work on Python & other open
source projects, Redhat pays employees to work on Fedora, the kernel,
etc. etc., so why do you think no companies pay Debian developers to
work on Debian?

Jan Claeys

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