Reminder: First Ubuntu Gaming Team Meeting!

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at
Fri Jul 24 05:29:26 UTC 2009

I just wanted to remind everybody interested about the upcoming Ubuntu
Gaming Team meeting in #ubuntu-gaming

Here's the Agenda so far:

   - Defining our team
      - Address concerns
      - Go over goals, purpose, and scope
   - Technical discussions
      - How to coordinate with Debian and Freedesktop games
      - What we can do within the scope of the team
      - LP #386797 to address the need for distributed content development
   - Projects
      - Ubuntu Gaming Clan
         - Play cross-platform FOSS games with an Ubuntu gamer tag
         - Organization
         - What games?
      - Fundraisers
         - How often
         - How to elect games
         - How to collect and distribute funds
      - Tournaments and Matches
         - What games?
         - How to organize
      - New ideas
         - Propose new projects
      - Future meetings
      - Plan next one
      - Set a regular schedule
   - Jobs
      - Projects leaders - Lead specific projects
      - Meetings Coordinator(s) - Update google calendar and wiki for
      meetings, manage agenda, and record proceedings
      - Co-team leader - Help DPic manage the team
      - Others?
   - Closing
   - Ending questions & comments

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