Reporting usability problems: please be more tolerant when you triage bugs!

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Wed Jul 22 17:12:59 UTC 2009

Il 22/07/2009 19:04, Henrique Almeida ha scritto:
>   Agreed. Ubuntu developers either don't understand my usability
> reports or tag them as low priority bugs, which gets triaged for many
> releases.

This is because these are not crashers and typically just affect a small 
portion of the application and of the codebase. My conclusions are that 
priorities are absolutely bad for dealing with usability.

Alternative solutions include the use of special tags, special packages 
(e.g. the papercut approach) or whatever. But this can only happen if 
developers are interested in assigning a separate kind of priority to 
usability bugs.

E.g. one may say that a bug is high priority as an usability bug but 
certainly it's not going to be prioritised over kernel crashes!

The hundred papercut approach is absolutely perfect, so perhaps a 
"papercut-potential" tag, if accepted by developer, would be nice. The 
idea being that such tagged bug may have a different meaning for 

Your mileage may vary. I certailny can't decide :)


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