Compile farm for MIPS64/Loongson

Kai-Cheung Leung kcleung at
Sat Jul 18 10:11:06 UTC 2009

Debian is still supporting MIPS64, which the Chinese Loongson chips
are compartible with.  And Ubuntu codes are lifted from Debian.

I would like to have an unofficial repository for MIPS64/Loongson, at
least in main, and if this works, I really would like to set up a
project that provides unofficial MIPS64 support.  This would certainly
drive Ubuntu to the Chinese desktop market, where in a few years time,
Loongson can become popular and now is a good time to prepare for.

How can I set up a compile farm that sync packages from Ubuntu source,
do automated compiling and for each package, automatically generate a

Where can I find information about such infrastructure in Ubuntu?



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