Improve LiveCD localisation (Was: Remove F-Spot from the LiveCD)

Jan Claeys lists at
Sun Jul 12 19:25:13 UTC 2009

Op zaterdag 27-06-2009 om 15:01 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Sense
> Problems: what about countries like Belgium, where Dutch and French
> are both commonly spoken? Should the timezone be used to determine
> this and select French as fall-back language in case Dutch can't be
> found?

If you do that all hell will break loose...  ;)

Most younger people in Belgium would prefer English as the fall-back
language, while some older people might prefer French indeed (or Dutch
for the French speaking older people who never learned English).

I don't think making assumptions about people's second language is the
way to go, so if you want to implement something like that you'll have
to give the people a choice to change things (maybe in the "Language
support" dialog?).

BTW: currently translations fall back to the original untranslated
strings (as in the "C" locale) if a translation is missing.  Those
original strings are English in most cases (maybe even all packages in
the repositories?), but they don't *have* to be (except if you want your
application to be POSIX compatible).

Jan Claeys

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