The old "installer getting stuck at 82%" issue :-)

Vishal Rao vishalrao at
Wed Jul 8 03:46:33 UTC 2009


I was wondering if bug/wishlist 294523 [1], about the installer (Ubuntu,
Kubuntu possibly others) which
"gets stuck at 82%" for long periods during installation thereby ruining the
install experience, has been
looked at by anyone for the Karmic release?

I had tried to mark it as a papercut candidate but apparently it didnt make
the cut (was that a pun?).

This issue has been discussed on mailing lists and forums [2] for at least a
few releases already.

Could it not be such that the operations done at 82% be moved to
post-install or at first login?

In my case, it ruins what would be a pleasant 5 minute install experience
into a dull/boring 20-30
minute wait and I don't think the proposed slideshow will help. As a
workaround I usually unplug
my network cable and it doesn't complain, just progressing apparently
normally. If it works without
a network cable (I think we can assume many users dont have Internet access)
why not
postpone those 82% steps to later?

Vishal Rao

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