Transition to OCaml 3.11.1...

Stéphane Glondu steph at
Mon Jul 6 22:09:15 UTC 2009

Michael Bienia a écrit :
> What's the current plan for Ocaml in Karmic? Update to 3.11.1 or stay
> with 3.11.0?

David Mentré is the only one having expressed interest about OCaml in
Ubuntu, and he didn't want to commit to 3.11.1 before the transition is
over in Debian and was even against initiating the transition in Ubuntu
(which is understandable).

> I've seen that ocaml 3.11.1 is already in unstable and that some ocaml
> packages have a versioned build-dependency on it. I wanted to see if
> camlimages can be synced to karmic (because of the CVE fix) and got
> stopped by it. Should I try to apply the fix on camlimages in Karmic or
> wait for the transition?

I would recommend you to apply the fix in Karmic instead of waiting for
the transition to happen there.

FYI, the OCaml 3.11.1 transition in Debian can be monitored at:

Basically, it will be over when everything is green (and hidden with the
default settings).



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